Your one stop source for custom plastics injection molding and value added services.

Serving customers throughout North America since 1985.

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Since 1985, York Imperial Plastics has been offering custom plastic injection molding and value added services for customers from diversified industries by pursuing a policy of continuous improvement and leading edge plastic injection molding technology.

Our high performance injection molding machines, in-house tool shop, product engineering, mold design, and custom design product handling automation are managed by a skilled and motivated staff offering you the best value in plastics today.

Our facility operates under the umbrella of a proprietary, fully integrated computer program which assures that our people, equipment, and systems are all working with the same information; and that the information is current and correct. Every department and aspect of the organization is linked to a central directory. We firmly believe that this program helps to set us apart from our competitors, and results in dramatically increased efficiencies.

Take a tour through our web site and challenge us with your requirements. You won’t be disappointed.